Application to use the Club Launches

Application to use the Club Launches

Payment is not required until we have accepted your application but must be made before you are allowed to use the launches.

The code is on your membership card
I have uploaded my PB2 certificate in the Members Portal *

Conditions of use

The following rules of operation are followed. These enable members to have an equal opportunity to make use of the launches safely. Members are expected to work together co-operatively to maximize the availability of Club launches.

A member in this context may be defined as a joint WSC membership, e.g. Helm & spouse, but both must be suitably qualified to drive the launch and have been shown operating procedures by the sailing.

  1. Everyone using a launch MUST wear a buoyancy aid or life jacket. The Kill cord must be used for the launch with the Outboard engine.
  2. Only a suitably qualified Club member who has paid the appropriate fee and signed a Launch out with their mobile phone number entered in the logbook can drive a club launch. The launch must remain under the control of the member who has signed it out and not be passed over to another member
  3. Members can only use a Club launch to transport themselves, their crew and/or other club members to their boat. Crew must be club members or authorised guests, you will not be covered by the club insurance if you transport other people. The insurer has agreed that close friends and family may be carried notified to Hon Sec or Admin.
  4. All members using a Club launch must have an operating mobile phone with them so that they can contacted at all times by a Club officer, or a member of staff or other Club members seeking to use a launch.
  5. Members must fill in the launch log book held in the launch key box with their name, time of drawing the launch key and their mobile phone number. Members must ensure that the keys are promptly returned at the end of the period of use. Users must enter in the log the time of returning the key and any problems, faults or damage encountered.
  6. The Club launches are available for use as follows:
    • Monday to Thursday for a maximum of 3 hours for each use
    • Friday to Sunday 1st October- 31st March, for a maximum of 2 hours
    • Friday to Sunday 1st April- 30th September, for a maximum of 1.5 hours
    • The only exception to the above times is when towing a disabled vessel; the user is to annotate the log book accordingly and should endeavour to return the launch as quickly as possible.
  7. The Club will provide fuel, but all users are to ensure that there is adequate fuel on board both for their trip and for a following user. If fuel is low, the club office is to be asked to arrange for the launch to be refueled. Members cannot refuel the launch on the Club’s account.
  8. The starting and stopping procedures for each launch, as detailed on the launches, must be closely followed to maintain launch reliability for all users. The sailing bosun will explain these instructions during your new user briefing.
  9. If gales are forecast, users are to moor the launches at Shore House pontoon so that they are bows on to the expected weather and do not lie across the tide. Alternatively, in these situations, the launches may be secured on the upstream side of Lobster Quay pontoon and a note made to this effect in the launch log book.
  10. Misuse of the launches (i.e. not adhering to the conditions of use) will render the offender(s) liable to be withdrawn by Rear Commodore Sailing from the list of approved WSC launch users. Members who cause damage to club boats through poor seamanship will be required to pay for the damage
I have read and agree to the condition of use listed above *

Data Privacy

The information you provide will be used solely for dealing with you as a member of WSC. The club has a Data Protection Policy which can be found here

Your data will be stored and used in accordance with this Policy. Please raise any queries concerning this policy with the Hon Secretary. The policy describes that certain personal data (name, address, contact number, email address, boat name and type etc) is processed (i.e. held and ordered etc) to enable the Club to perform its contracts with members concerning membership, accounts, dinghy registration, youth sailing, moorings, pound spaces, outboard motor storage etc. This data is also held for the legitimate interests of WSC in operating the Club