Dinghy Racing – Updated Jan 2024

Evening racing is the mainstay of club dinghy competition over the summer, without any tidal constraints on launching we sail every Wednesday and Friday evening from late April to mid-September (A, B and C Series). On Fridays we continue with a late afternoon D Series until late October. Sunday morning racing commences mid-September with the Autumn Series and Winter Series, followed by the Aussie Summer Series from January to March. One race with target duration 60-90 minutes is scheduled each series race day.

Registration: All helms are required to create a Sailevent Sailor Account and complete an online entry form. Creating a sail event account is a one-off operation, quick, painless, universal, FREE and lasts a lifetime. You may already have an account if you have used the etally solution at another event. You will then be able to sign afloat and ashore electronically.

Amendment to Sailing Instructions for Aussie Summer Series 2024 (starts January 7th).

Please note below changes for the final series of the 2023/2024 Season.

The revised fleet splits are a trial that we will review during the Aussie Summer Series but expect to continue into the 2024.

Change 1. We have revised the fleets to allow for shifts in attendance. This means there will now be only 3 fleets/starts. Fast fleet with replace the previous Superfast fleet. Medium Fleet will contain the previous and Fast fleet and Medium Fleet down to the Leader. The Slow Fleet will contain everything slower than a leader including The ILCA 4 & 6, Europe, Wanderer and the Previous Slow fleets. For details please check the revised Sailing Instructions.

Change 2. Boats NOT already registered for racing in the 2023/2024 Season. Can now do so via a new entry form found here, they will then be immediately able to sign afloat/ashore for eligible races via the Sailevent Etally system. Boats already registered for racing in 2023/24 do not need to re-register (until April) This change eliminates the delay while work was performed behind the system to move registrations into Sailevent and Halsail. It also enable improved access (still protected) access to contact and emergency contact information should it be required.

READ the Notice of Race, Sailing Instructions and Briefing slide pack listed below as Essential Links. Remember; you MUST sign on and off every race.

Essential Links

WATERPROOF COURSE CARDS (A5 sticky back) are available to buy @ £2.50 from Bob Cowan Blaze 866. Bobs contact details are up to date in the Members Directory.

AMENDMENT TO SAILING INSTRUCTIONS 6th June 2023. – Summary and link below

  • Change in Section 2. Failure to sign on / off now results in a 5% time penalty rather than a DNF. (Implemented from B series to reduce impact of failure to tally)
  • Clarification in Section 14. DNS, DNF, RTD, DSQ etc are scored as race starters + 1 rather than entries + 1. (Implemented from A series to encourage attendance). Please do not declare a DNS or DNF unless the boat was launched and reached the start area.

Key Dates for 2024

Aussie Summer Series7th January to 31st March
Dinghy Briefing 22nd March
Dinghy Summer SeriesFrom 3rd April
Club Championships11th May