Finn Competitors

First NameLast NameSail Number Sailing Club Type Category
LawrenceCrispinGBR74Stone SC/Thorpe Bay YCStandard Race FinnGrand Master
IvanBurden803HaylingClassic with CarbonGrand Master
JulianSmith720Thames Sailing ClubStandard Race FinnGrand Master
AlexFarrall593Thorpe BayClassic with CarbonOpen
JamesDowner49GurnardStandard Race FinnOpen
KristianSjobergFIN 201NJKStandard Race FinnGreat Grand Master
TedCurtis65WarsashStandard Race FinnGrand Master
SimonPercival635Christchurch SCClassic with CarbonGreat Grand Master
GarryPhare85Royal Torbay Yacht ClubStandard Race FinnGreat Grand Master
SanderKooijGBR1TBYCStandard Race FinnGreat Grand Master
RomanKhodykin13HISCStandard Race FinnMaster
DavidMitchell76WarsashStandard Race FinnGreat Grand Master
KieronHolt33Warsash SCStandard Race FinnMaster
RussellNewGBR40Christchurch SCStandard Race FinnMaster
JeremyDrummond606BoshamClassic with CarbonGreat Grand Master
JohnHeyesGBR 61Warsash SStandard Race FinnGreat Grand Master
JamesCole75Warsash SCStandard Race FinnMaster
MichaelDe Courcy21HISCStandard Race FinnGreat Grand Master
HowardSellarsGBR777WarsashStandard Race FinnLegend
TimCarver8Warsash Sailing ClubStandard Race FinnGrand Master
MartinHUGHESGBR567Warsash SCStandard Race FinnGreat Grand Master
GeorgeColes83MRSCStandard Race FinnOpen
JonathanPykeGBR 18Hayling Island Sailing ClubClassic with CarbonGreat Grand Master